My Solar System

Let me be the center of my own Solar System
Let there be some planets revolving around me
One of them- ‘the most special’ I’ll call my home
The rest- all important be my dear and known
One the most closest
For me to share all my secrets
One the most beautiful
In both heart and soul
One whose anger
Always shoots off the roof
One the most wisest
Whose advice I always seek
A few ever-ready for fun and adventure
Whether to hike a mountain or dive underwater
And one who always becomes the butt of all jokes
One whom I am not sure is whether a friend or a foe
And a few friendly comets who visit once every few years
And leave me awe-inspired with their trailblazing achievements
With all these people
My solar system becomes complete
And then I myself turn out to be a part of their universe.



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