Since November 2019, the term self-partnered has been trending due to Emma Watson’s interview. This Valentines Day, we single people should not be wallowing in self-pity just because we don’t have someone to celebrate Valentines with. We have our own self. Isn’t that enough? So let’s talk about self-love.

Reasons for being single may be anything- maybe you’re not looking for someone at all, maybe you are taking your time to get over someone, maybe you are waiting for the right person. For me, it’s the second reason. I have been single or (may I say) self-partnered for over 2 years now. I love my own company. I have become my first priority. I listen to my favorite songs, read books, make my health a priority, challenge myself to try new things. I enjoy trying to become a better version of myself. You can often find me talking to myself, and saying “You are awesome” or “I love you”. And uttering such affirmations instantly boosts my confidence and improves my mood.
As there are good and bad days in any relationship, similarly, I too have some bad days when I feel utterly dysphoric and lonely, or feel like no one understands me. But I know that I am here for myself. I have got my family. And even if no one gets me, I get me and I can take care of myself. No matter what I am going through emotionally, I know I’ll get over it. Emotions are always in a flux anyway.
So invest in your growth and love yourself before falling in love with someone else. And remember- You Are Awesome.


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