When anxiety arrives…

When anxiety arrives
And the heartbeat rise
You forget to breathe
Try to breathe deep
It probably doesn't work
So ask yourself
'What's the issue?'
'What is the situation that causes this unrest?'
'And if you face this issue,
What's the best thing that can happen?
What's the worst thing that can happen?'
The best thing would, of course, be awesome
But what about the worst thing?
If the worst thing that can happen
is not life-threatening
And is probably something
That wouldn't even matter a year or so from now
Go, face the situation
Face your fear
Show it who's the boss

Maybe you feel like no one understands you
So you keep it inside, shut off from the world
Pretend everything is okay
But when alone and despaired
You tell yourself how much you hate your existence
Remember everyone is dealing with their own problems
Someone must have dealt with the issues you're dealing with now
Find someone who might be able to understand you
Try to make the people who care about you understand
Talk to people, let it all out
Write it down, let it all out

Even if you fail to face the situation
Don't beat yourself down
Cry and grieve if you have to
But don't you just give up
There is always be a next time
Or even a better opportunity
That would be your time to shine
And you will beat the crap out of your fears.


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