Crushes: The Potentials that Never Actualize -Day 2 GloPoWriMo

The first time I had a crush
was on a girl in class VII
whom I liked so much
that I'd sit with her
even if it meant
adjusting with her partner
on a seat meant for two.
Gradually, the feeling faded away.

The next time I was caught
in the fangs of a crush
it lasted for three long years
I almost called it love
But it too faded away.

Then came love like a torrential downpour
And left me drenched for years to come
It was unlike any crush I'd met before
And taught me the difference between love and crush
once and for all.

Crushes have their own joy to give
I remember merrily jumping up and down
Each time I'd come home after seeing one.
Another time, I was unable to
concentrate on my exam
having been enchanted
by an eccentric invigilator.
One hugged me once and made my day.
Another was so huggable
but we rarely ever talked.
There was even one
whose name I never found out.
Some made me wonder
if it could become something more.
While some indeed became more than a crush
and turned into a friend.

But one thing crushes have in common
Is that they all fade with time.
And remain the potentials
that never actualize.



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