Reclaiming – Day 3 GloPoWriMo

Remember how we used to talk for hours on end
There was no topic small enough for us to not discuss
We found the key to each other's heart
Unlocked them
And let it all flow
Merging into one

We watched the same shows,
same videos, same movies
Read the same books
Listened to the same songs
over and over on repeat
Even found 'our song'
to remind us of the
'false forever' forever

Now it's been years
We stayed in touch
But it's not the same
It's never the same

Just yesterday
You got furious at how
now I don't talk much
I blamed it on being an introvert
The truth being otherwise
You've lost the key

we found things to talk about
The weather, the news, music
I hesitated to tell you the songs
and artists I've been listening to
I want to keep them to me

You see
I've reclaimed my interests
Reclaimed my taste
Reclaimed my priorities
I've reclaimed by self



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