Tech Connects in Corona Time – Day 8 GloPoWriMo

Welcome to the Corona Time
The year is 2020
We stay home to stay safe and save lives
And though the streets are deserted
And everyone stays inside
People meet nonetheless
Over the Internet
We have high speed WiFi, 4G VoLTE
If you’ve got your phone recharged with a pack
You treat calls and data as if they are free
Conference calls are left behind
Video calls are the talk of the time
From the Prime Minister to the common man
All are plugged in with their webcam
4-5 friends see each other on Whatsapp and Messenger calls
Birthday parties are being thrown on Facetime and Skype to all
Office meetings are happening on Zoom, Zoho, Jitsi, etc. platforms
The same goes for classes of colleges and schools
So even though locked in our homes
We don’t feel alone and lost
The sense of belonging and community
Is not stripped off
Whether we know it or not we are so thankful
Without technology and internet
Right now the world would have really stopped



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