Perhaps it found me first – Day 11 GloPoWriMo

I had been wandering aimlessly for days
Trying this and that, leaving it to fate
Whenever someone asked me about it
I had no definite answer to state
I was looking for it but hadn't found it yet
Despaired; I wasn't sure if it even existed

Then one day I was reading a book
Something peeked at me from within the nooks
Piquing my interest in it
Perhaps this was it?
For the next few months
I played with that thought
All the while, it grew strong and strong
Then it was time to take a concrete step
I did that and now am sure of it

A tiny voice at the back of my head
Still gnaws at me now and then
Asking "What if you're wrong?
What if it's not what you're looking for?"
I reply that for the moment I am sure
Am gonna go straight at it headstrong
And even if it turns out that I am wrong
I'll figure it out again somehow

So that was how I found my passion
Flitting through the pages of a novel
A whim at first, turning into devotion
I found it or perhaps it found me first.


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