A stroll through Souvenirs – Day 14 GloPoWriMo

You open a trunk and find
Medals and trophies from your youth
Bringing back all the memories
Of the races you once won
The poems you recited on stage
The quizzes and debates you reluctantly participated in
Emerging winner in the end
Perhaps there's even one
Which feels undeserved
But still they all fill you up
With a sweet pride nevertheless

Dusting away an old box
You look inside to find
A happy smile on your face
Finding your favorite childhood toys
There's that stuffed toy you never left alone
The battery-operated helicopter
The car which went round and round while playing a certain sound
The action figurines and tiny cars
And the ever-present Lego set
And the dog house which was actually a piggy bank
You empty its contents to find a few coins and a 100 rupee note
They seem to be from a distant but familiar world
The world of your childhood

In another carton you find your old journals
In an instant you are traveling through time
Flipping through the pages
Reminiscing memories
Sometimes doubting whether what you wrote really happened
Judging your writing skills
Calling your younger self a stupid yet wise person
And hours pass by
Before you hug your diaries goodbye

In one corner you lay hands on
A photo album from old times
There are black and white pictures of your parents
And a coloured one of you smiling back
A toddler in your parent's lap
Or perhaps taking your first steps
These are memories of memories you don't even remember
But are forever captured still in time
Running your fingers over them gives you a tactile pleasure
Uncompared with today's digital photographs

There's a flower pressed between the pages of an old book
Perhaps you used it as a bookmark
Perhaps it was given by a lover
You no longer recall
But a faded fragrance of the flower
Is still trapped between the sheets
You smell it
And let it take you down the lane of nostalgia

Putting back the contents of the trunk
And returning to your regular life
Your memories remain a bit more enriched
Having strolled through the souvenirs of life
Now you know you can find yourself back again
In the memories stored in time

Based on Terribly Tiny Tales prompt – Souvenirs


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