Friends – Day 17 GloPoWriMo

Who are they?
How do you define this term?
What do they mean to you?
What do you mean to them?
Somehow I always find it hard to explain

Are they the people who you grew up with?
The ones you shared most laughs with?
The ones with whom you joked around without caring a dime?
The ones whose whereabouts you no longer care about?

Are they the people who you met by coincidence?
The ones who now feel familiar than family?
The ones whose family members’ quirks you know all about?
The ones who know you inside out?

Are they the people who felt like friends but soon turned into acquaintances?
The ones with whom you never found enough common ground?
The ones whose values and principles never aligned with yours?
The ones for whom you perhaps didn’t have enough space?

How about the ones you care about a lot but perhaps there’s not much to talk?
Or the ones with whom you text a lot but have never walked?
The ones who have slowly and steadily faded out?
Or the ones who you still once in a blue moon Facebook stalk?

Do you recall Bohr’s atomic model?
Perhaps you are like the nucleus in the center
And all these various people are revolving around you
Close or distant due to varying energies and factors
But I still fail to define the term.


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