It’s Okay to Take a Break – Day 21 GloPoWriMo

It's okay to take a break.
Somedays, it's hard to fill the space
on a blank screen with the
pointer blinking
back at you.
Compelling you
to write some flowery words
adorned with similes and metaphors.
Handcrafted like a necklace made of pearls.

But alas!
Nothing seems to make sense.
There's no emotion left to vent.
Everything seems all right.
So much so, that there's nothing left to write.
But write you must
So you write about
not being able to write.
You forget about the rhyme.
Leave all those prompts behind.
And just type away what comes to mind.
Even if it's just the reminder that
It's okay to not chase perfection all the time.
It's okay to take a break.

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