Talk Like A Woman – Day 24 NaPoWriMo

Hindi is a gendered language
Every verb in a sentence denotes
Whether the speaker is a man or a woman
I'd open my mouth and speak my truth
And they would retort, 'Talk like a woman!'

Some took it as a challenge
They bet they could fix me
Given some time
and their wise remarks
They could sure make me talk like a woman!

Some called it a phase
Left it over to time and age
'Tomboys are like that,' they said
'When they grow up
They learn to talk like a woman!'

But alas! None of them ever were right
It was the truth showing it's early signs
A trans man I am, I realized at 18
Trans men are men
And a man may or may not talk like a woman!

2 thoughts on “Talk Like A Woman – Day 24 NaPoWriMo

  1. I didn’t have that language as a kid, to say I was “trans”. All I had was the constant desire to be a boy. When I started learning Spanish after our state mandated teaching a second language, I started and insisted on using the -o ending, not the -a ending, and the teacher would insist on “correcting” me. From time to time I still scratch answers down to those old exercises, as I should’ve been allowed to answer.

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    1. Same!!! I can relate with your teacher episode. I also had a Hindi teacher who would try to correct me in school. To escape her wise remarks, I started writing in the plural pronouns ‘us’ or ‘we’. But she had a problem with that too. It all seems so funny now. It’s quite validating to look back on old memories and realize that I knew my gender without ever knowing the word ‘trans’.
      Oh! and I get the problem you faced with Spanish as I am trying to learn the basics of Spanish these days.


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