Productivity – Day 25 GloPoWriMo

Productivity for me means following a routine
Waking up and sleeping at the same time every day
And doing some exercise regularly at a fixed hour
Plus trying to learn something new each day
Over time the results start to show up
And it feels amazing

But this period of productivity doesn’t last for long
There are slumps and phases seemingly out of control
Procrastination rages high for days
You can’t get out of bed to do anything at all
Addicted to phone and news
Playing games and watching Netflix is all that seems to get done

I watch a lot of videos on Productivity
but surprisingly none of them works
when I am down in the dumps.
Then suddenly out of the blue
A routine starts to emerge anew
It starts with doing at least one thing daily
Then expands to include a few more.
And just like that
Days appear to be productive again
Mindfulness returns and
the curse of procrastination is begone.


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