Road Trips – Day 26 GloPoWriMo

All our memories are nostalgic
Of the road trips in the Tata Zest
You driving and I riding shotgun
The privilege of being the younger sibling

From the first trip to a temple in December 2014
The car has (almost) traveled the country
The West Coast to the East Coast
Traversing the roads (and desert) of Rajasthan
To climbing the mountains, going up to Leh
It even crossed a river on a boat!

But most of all, I cherish our long drives
And singing out loud to
the music playing on the radio
Or your collection of Damien Rice
From Cannon Ball to the Blower's Daughter
Now I remember them all.

All our weekend trips to the mountains
With you driving, I navigating (using Google maps)
And our parents sleeping in the backseat.
The Mumbai to Goa and back birthday trip
With all the amazing waterfalls and scenery

I am a less than ideal co-traveler
With nothing much to say
And sleeping most of the way
But I love all those days
From getting on the off-beaten tracks
Enduring bumpy rides
To sailing smoothly
On wide-open highways
To getting stuck in traffic jams
Or fallen rocks on mountain roads
From cows acting as roadblocks
To buffaloes running directly towards us
From chai breaks
To stopping just to click a bird pose
From being in a rush
To having all the time in the world.
I miss them all
I listen to Damien Rice
To reminisce them all.


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