Introvert -Day 28 GloPoWriMo

I am an introvert
Parties are not my thing
I’d much rather prefer
Being with my two best friends
Anything more than that is a crowd
So I’d rather stay at home.
It’s hard for me to talk to strangers
Unless they appear more introverted than I am.
If the phone rings with an unknown number
I let it ring away
I’ll check it on Truecaller if it’s from someone known
Leave a message if it seems important
Else forget about it all.
Sometimes when I don’t want to talk
I even ignore my best friend’s call
Ignore all their messages
Till I am not in the mood.
Last minute cancelled events
Feel like such a bliss
Else I arrive late and leave early
Minimizing social contact.
I like being on my own
With books, video games
Movies, plants and my dear diary.
I have a couple of hobbies
I spend my time on them
I prefer self-development
To meaningless banter.
So let me be an introvert
I am happy as I am
In my solitude
I question things
And find myself.


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