The Ship

The ship had sunken before, too
To the deep, dark depths of the ocean floor
Though the loss had appeared to be great and clearly defined
The sailor survived, floating to the surface in an imaginary bubble of own device.

This time though
The loss isn’t apparent
But the problem is
The anchor hasn’t found a resting place yet
And the sailor is trying to fix the root cause as the ship sinks in
Determined to fix the ship, no matter how long it takes
Perhaps trying, trying, or faking it till making it
All the manuals for guidance and their steps only lead to confusion
Wonder if there’s even one perfect set of solution
Gotta find a way anyway
Fix it himself–just another DIY project–or consider taking help?

Of course, there’ll be more issues
More waves will rock the ship
And the ship shall sink again in the future
Perhaps even to greater depths
Perhaps it’ll be broken into pieces
And reappear as just another ship of Theseus
But the sailor wants to make sure
once and for all
that the seize next time won’t be from the same cause.


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