Advice to Self

Maybe what you’re looking for is no longer where you lost it.
Maybe what you’re looking for is staring you right in the face
While you’re desperately, frantically looking for it somewhere else.
Maybe finding what you’re looking for needs a shattering of your beliefs
After all, what you believe might not necessarily be true
How can you really know?
You think the hen came before the egg
But it might be the other way around
Or perhaps, it might be both ways depending on other factors abound.

Not obsessing about one thing means obsessing about something else?
Maybe it does. So what?
Experience that too.
Perhaps you’ll learn something new.
Replace something with someone
And perhaps it’ll turn out alright too.
Want to be led, not lead?
Take a leap. Try the alternate route.
At most, you’ll fail but will come out with another story to tell.
So be brave. Have fun.
And laugh at the idiot you’ve been.


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