The Year of Isolation

At the end of every year, I like to look back and summarise my year as it had been. Here's again to doing that. I was full of energy at the beginning of 2020. I started the year with challenging myself to pick an activity and do it every day in the coming month, each … Continue reading The Year of Isolation


Clean the Slate

Years ago I was intrigued by the question"How to make everlasting memories?"Not the facts, not everythingI just wanted to remember thoseLittle things, those sweet momentsThat exchange of words in faith.I thought I had found the answer:An automatic intense focus plusreplaying the memories in the mindseemed to do the trick.There I was, remembering everything. But there … Continue reading Clean the Slate

“If You Will So, So It Shall”

"Sieve through those memoriesLet only the pure ones passOthers shall be banishedThey'll be thrown in hellfire,"Athena commands,the wisdom reflecting in her eyes.With a helmet and a spear,she's the perfect warrior,and someone to turn to for advice. I ask, "Okay, let's do that.But would it change how I feel?""Your emotions are in your own hand.If you … Continue reading “If You Will So, So It Shall”

Book Reviews (June-July)

The Socrates Express by Eric Weiner As the name suggests, the book combines philosophy lessons from famous philosophers and the author’s train journeys. In each chapter, the author writes about visiting the city of a different philosopher and, and along with experiencing the train rides, he tries to experience the philosophy of that philosopher. You … Continue reading Book Reviews (June-July)