Waiting in Vain?

I've been waitingI've waitedI've waited so longBut I see no sign of the one I'm waiting forI've met a few travelersWe chatted a bitSome moved alongSome offered me a handBut I waited nonethelessI waited for the oneBut I have doubts if that one would ever show up againI wonder if I'm just waiting in vainI … Continue reading Waiting in Vain?


Words Don’t Turn to Verse No More

The Muse left without warningRhyme disappearedThoughts mellowed and frozeFeelings numbed without drowning in alcoholTears refused to flowHurt doesn't feel the right to feel hurt anymoreFeelings feel ashamed to come forth and take the center stageIt's been too long to keep retelling the same taleIt changes nothingIt doesn't have the power to bring back what used … Continue reading Words Don’t Turn to Verse No More

Clean the Slate

Years ago I was intrigued by the question"How to make everlasting memories?"Not the facts, not everythingI just wanted to remember thoseLittle things, those sweet momentsThat exchange of words in faith.I thought I had found the answer:An automatic intense focus plusreplaying the memories in the mindseemed to do the trick.There I was, remembering everything. But there … Continue reading Clean the Slate

“If You Will So, So It Shall”

"Sieve through those memoriesLet only the pure ones passOthers shall be banishedThey'll be thrown in hellfire,"Athena commands,the wisdom reflecting in her eyes.With a helmet and a spear,she's the perfect warrior,and someone to turn to for advice. I ask, "Okay, let's do that.But would it change how I feel?""Your emotions are in your own hand.If you … Continue reading “If You Will So, So It Shall”