Productivity – Day 25 GloPoWriMo

Productivity for me means following a routineWaking up and sleeping at the same time every dayAnd doing some exercise regularly at a fixed hourPlus trying to learn something new each dayJUST GETTING THINGS DONEOver time the results start to show upAnd it feels amazing But this period of productivity doesn't last for longThere are slumps … Continue reading Productivity – Day 25 GloPoWriMo


It’s Okay to Take a Break – Day 21 GloPoWriMo

It's okay to take a break. Somedays, it's hard to fill the space on a blank screen with the pointer blinking back at you. Compelling you to write some flowery words adorned with similes and metaphors. Handcrafted like a necklace made of pearls. But alas! Nothing seems to make sense. There's no emotion left to … Continue reading It’s Okay to Take a Break – Day 21 GloPoWriMo

Stolen or Inspired – Day 13

I look back and seeAll I've stolen from theeYour old jeansYour old t-shirtsI've tried to become like youI have stolen your hobbies tooPoetryPhotographyBirdwatchingNow gardening perhapsThough singing I never couldBut I knowYou'll always be better than meYou're the closest to perfectionAs far as I knowSo I try to steal that tooPerhaps it's inspiration rather than a … Continue reading Stolen or Inspired – Day 13