Clean the Slate

Years ago I was intrigued by the question
“How to make everlasting memories?”
Not the facts, not everything
I just wanted to remember those
Little things, those sweet moments
That exchange of words in faith.
I thought I had found the answer:
An automatic intense focus plus
replaying the memories in the mind
seemed to do the trick.
There I was, remembering everything.

But there comes a time
When you begin to make new memories
Memories similar but unlike the last time
And you can’t just draw them on an already filled canvas
You can’t write today’s date on the blackboard without erasing yesterday’s date
So there arises the need to forget
Now “How do you forget the memories you remember so well?”
Simple, just stop replaying them in your head.
Slowly, but surely, the no-more-being-remembered memories
begin to fade and pass into oblivion
The mind’s canvass begins to have enough space for you to paint on it again
You can see the old pictures lingering on the blackboard as they begin to fade
Though it depends on the depth of the impression they made
But you have space
Enough space to store new memories on.


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