Choosing a Name – Day 23 GloPoWriMo

My birth name began with the letter C
Followed by an H and an I
In my 20 something years life
I have changed my name twice
Though always retaining C, H, and I
Always in that same order

Choosing a name is no easy task
You gotta look up baby names
Ask other people for suggestions
Look for inspiration in the current tv-shows
Choose between something too common
Or something unique but not too weird
Both times I narrowed it down to two names
Both times managing to choose the one a bit more difficult to pronounce
But you also gotta make sure that it fits you perfectly like a bespoke suit
I failed in this respect the first time
Choosing something that seemed like a facade only to please others
Nonetheless, it gave me experience for the second time
So the second time, I tried it on
Made sure it fits properly
Before showing it off
It still begins with C, H and I
CHI - Translating to the energy of life from Chinese
CHI - Filling my life with positive energy

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