2 AM Calls – Day 10 GloPoWriMo

You often call late at night
When I am fast asleep
I wonder if it's not just a dream
Am I lucid dreaming?
Or is the phone really ringing?

But I pick it up
Without thinking twice
For the first few moments
I tumble slowly from sleep
To a state of awareness
My voice clearly reflecting the transition

I remember a few months ago
You called at 2 a.m. as usual
And asked for some documents
I didn't wanna get up from bed
So I said 'No, Goodnight'
and disconnected the call
Oh! You were angry for days
I tried to lie and said
"Sorry, I thought it was a dream"
But that brought no relief

Some days you let me drift back to sleep
Waking up next morrow
I wonder if it was just a dream
But checking my call log
Makes me anxious as to why you had called

You see, it's actually a pleasure to hear your voice
Even if it's in the middle of the night
Especially if the conversation is all right
The atmosphere, the mood, and the minds align
It doesn't even matter
If I am able to fall asleep or not later
So go ahead and disrupt my sleep as you please
Because even dreams can't be sweeter than the sound of your voice



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